Capturest app review : FOR MOMENTS THAT MATTER

Recently i got my hands on this app (thanks to my Swedish friend Ariel) and its concept is what makes it exciting. I believe each of us agree that at times we want some photos to be personal, only to be shared with specific people or our closest ones. A private space in life is very important and it’s even more important to guard it. In my view, Capturest is a perfect App. It’s an idea taking it to the next level.

With increasing number of phone users phone pictures are now a part of ur life. Phones are now coming up with even 8 Megapixel(better) front end selife cameras as well that will make chersh our phone photos even more.

What is Capturest ?

1. Memories are priceless.
Often we take pictures of things in our life. They might be personal, loaded with good memories or are simply funny. We keep these pictures, but they often just disappear in our camera roll.

2. Personal moments matter.
Some of us used Facebook or Instagram to save these memories. But today, our audience on social media has become too broad. So why not giving these memories a proper and more private context?

3. Capture your moments in a fast and easy way
Remember moments that matter. Store these memories or collaborate with others on shared experiences. It’s like a dropbox on your mobile phone, just more beautiful.

4. Tell YOUR story together with others
Capturest offers you your private space on your mobile phone. For each moment you want to share you hand-pick the people. Or why not turning others into co-creators and let them add their pictures to a moment? No Problem! Developed by young and a passionate team in Gothenburg, Sweden, this app is defenately worth using.

You can download the app from the appstore here
For Android

Below are the screenshots from the app



Please do comment if you have questions, recommendations, suggestions or feedbacks.Would be happy to respond.

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